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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blake Miller in Pitchfork


If anyone noticed, Columbus's Blake Miller put out a mighty fine record via Exit Stencil at some point over the last few months. I have no idea when it was released, I know nothing about the guy himself (this may or may not be intentional). All I know is a friend passed me a copy of his CD and I was really, really impressed by it.

Well, Pitchfork done agrees and gave it a 7.4, which is outstanding for an indie debut.

Just a moment of commentary, if you will, though. The writer opens with these remarks:

In my search for unique, exceptional music, I'm not sure why I even bothered to check out this album-- nothing about its fa├žade indicates that Blake Miller is anything but an average, coffeehouse-circuit singer/songwriter.

I found myself wondering, why does a singer/songwriter need to have more than just a name? How many artists totally get written off just because they don't have a freaky name? Hopefully this will help peel off some of the long-present grime & cynisism on at least one pretensious PFork scribe.


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